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My Personal Style of Editing Photos

Ashley Gregoire

August 24, 2017

It’s that time for me…. Time to edit pictures! I love how much potential each image has to transform into a work of art. What some people can accomplish with photoshop BLOWS my mind! With my personal style and preference as a photographer, I try to stay away from photoshop. Don’t get me wrong…I by no means am against photoshop. Like I said, I LOVE seeing the awesome images photographers (and graphic designers) create with photoshop! It’s just not a tool I use. Every artist has his/her way of creating. I like for someone to see their picture and think “yes!.. that looks just like me ‘but on my BEST day’. I look amazing.” When editing photos, I don’t manipulate the body shape or change facial features. I prefer to keep things as natural as possible.  I will, what I call, tweak photos in order to maximize it’s potential: such as adjusting colors, lights, and shadows. I do edit out blemishes such as pimples – it’s a temporary blemish that’s not a part of person’s identity or personality, so I’m totally okay with getting rid of it. Ultimately, I don’t want to take away from the feeling of the moment the photo took place.

I want for a person to be able to look at their photo and think, “I remember when my fiancé kissed me under that tree. Those peeking sunbeams are just as magical as I remember! But, oh my gosh… it was so cold out that day.  I didn’t want to take that blanket off it was much warmer snuggling together. .”

Engagement Portraits by Ashley Gregoire Photography

Or “Awe look how beautiful my little girl looks! I remember when she spotted that little red flower and just HAD to pick it. She loved it so much we brought it home and put it in a tiny dish of water and created a little floating flower bowl.” Photos for ME are all about a memory and a feeling!! So, I don’t want to do anything with my photos that may distract from my main goal.

Family Portraits by Ashley Gregoire Photography


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