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It’s A Wonderful Life

Ashley Gregoire

December 19, 2017

It’s a wonderful life that I share with my amazing family and terrific friends!!


We are blessed and happy to have each one of you as a part of our lives.

We’re still the same ol’ Gregoire family. Elijah is a total goof ball and has more energy than we can keep up with. Gabrielle is my little southern belle, as sweet as she can be with a touch of sass. She oozes with adorableness and has daddy wrapped around her little finger, even though she constantly tells him that “mommy is her best friend”. Jasper is still a fat butterball who always looks sad – even though he is not. Caleb’s still a prankster. His favorite thing to do is to scare/startle the kids and me. His second favorite, is to make us laugh. We all love to play around and be silly as a family. Even more, we love to cuddle and show each other tons of affection!!! As for me, I’m still a coffee addict with a love for art and nature.

2017 has brought a few changes for us. To highlight a few:

  • We moved back to MS
  • Gabrielle turned two years old
  • Elijah just turned six (as of today) and he started Kindergarten in August


My family Christmas Photos

Us on our good behavior.



My family Christmas Photos



My family Christmas Photos



My family Christmas Photos

This is the kind of shenanigans they get into all of the time.



My family Christmas Photos




My family Christmas Photos

Elijah always dancing to the beat of his own drum.



My family Christmas Photos

Like I said… sweet and adorable.



My family Christmas Photos



My family Christmas Photos

Their personalities are so different from each other.



My family Christmas Photos

Piggy-back rides are her favorite.



My family Christmas Photos



My family Christmas Photos

Typical around here. Us cutting up and laughing. Meanwhile Jasper….



My family Christmas Photos



My family Christmas Photos

In our house there are hugs and kisses galore!



My family Christmas Photos

They really love each other… when they’re not fighting.



My family Christmas Photos

This actually never happens; but, it’s nice to pretend. Lol.



God bless you all!!!

With great love,

Ashley, Caleb, Elijah, Gabrielle, & Jasper.

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