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From My Family to Yours, Merry Christmas – 2018

Ashley Gregoire

December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Boo, Elijah, Caleb, Gumbo, Gabrielle, me, and Jasper!!!




I can’t believe 2018 is nearing the end already!! 2018 has brought some new changes for us including:

  • We moved to our house in Biloxi
  • Elijah turned 7
  • Elijah started 1st grade at a new school
  • Gabrielle turned 3
  • Gabrielle started dance classes
  • We rescued two cats – Gumbo (the grey one) and Boo (the white one)
  • Caleb was promoted to a Sergeant at work
  • I started volunteering at church by serving on the photography team
  • I decided to cut my hair back short



Other things have remained the same.  The children are still beautiful, silly, balls of continuous energy.  They’re fighting one minute and playing the next, in true sibling fashion.  There’s never a quiet or dull moment at our house.  Jasper is still fat, quiet, and most times emotionless – that is unless he’s dreaming or trying to scratch his back using random pieces of furniture.  Then, he tends to morph into this whole other alter ego. Lol.




Gumbo is an antisocial cat.  He likes to be left alone and do his own thing.  Boo is the affectionate cuddler.  When he’s not cuddling he’s being playful.  The only time Gumbo plays, is when he attacks Boo.  And it’s usually in the middle of the night when they like to really get rowdy.  All three animals act as if they’ve never eaten in their life.  They are all scavengers and are quick to try and steal food.


Gumbo’s favorite toy is any string that he can steal from my clothes (bathrobe tie, etc.) Boo’s favorite toy is tiny troll figurines.  He can play with one for hours, and if Gumbo or Jasper gets near him while he’s playing with his troll he “growls like a dog”. It’s hilarious.  He also growls when he’s being protective over his food.  Jasper doesn’t play with toys – how surprising.




He’s lost more teeth than I can remember now.



Sometimes her beauty leaves me speechless.




These are the moments I live for!!! ((imagining the faint sound of a harp playing))



They are completely in love with their cats.



I don’t even have to pose her. These are things she does naturally. By the way, how cute is it that she’s looking at her own ornament on the Christmas tree?



I swear, if this kid gets any smarter he’s going to surpass me!






The children have grown so much since last Christmas.  Just take a look for yourself…







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