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Cayla is Expecting

Ashley Gregoire

March 22, 2019

B&W maternity portraits on a dock as photographed by Ashley Gregoire Photography in Biloxi, MS




Q&As with Cayla:


Are you expecting a boy or girl?

We are expecting a little boy. it was definitely unmistakable during our ultrasounds haha.

What is the baby’s name?

Ashton Anthony! 

Who picked out the baby’s name?

Both of us surprisingly haha.

How &/or why did you decide on your baby’s name?

We looked up unique names, and fought between Kia, Shiloh, and Ashton. Ashton was what won the talley with our family and friends, but barely. 



B&W maternity portraits on a dock as photographed by Ashley Gregoire Photography in Biloxi, MS



Is this your 1st baby? If not, what number?

This is my first, my husband’s fourth. 

Was the pregnancy planned or a surprise?

Half planned half surprise. we were trying a few months before getting the positive. and took a break. went to try again and discovered we were pregnant! 

How did you share the news with the daddy?

Well, he was the one who found the test on the counter because I thought it was going to be another negative. 

If there are older siblings, how did they react to the news of a baby brother/sister?

They were excited until they discovered it was another boy.

How did you share the news with extended family and friends that you were expecting?

We gave them a call one by one, except my mother who we drove straight to her house and had my dad on video call, he was in Germany. They both were beyond excited! 

Did you have a gender reveal? If so, briefly tell me about it.

We did something small, I did a small photo that I edited, with a mossberg 500, my boots, Adam’s flip flops (That’s all he wears!) a pair of boots that my mom bought for Ashton and a cute pair of overalls with his ultrasound pinned to it! it was super cute. 



B&W maternity portraits on a dock as photographed by Ashley Gregoire Photography in Biloxi, MS



List 3 fun facts about “this” pregnancy.

Definitely over dramatic, but one of the funniest things that happened to me is during early pregnancy I cried, like ugly cried because the McDonalds on Hwy 49 changed colors and I wasn’t prepared for that change. (hormones suck!) Another really cute but pretty hilarious moment was definitely when my husband went to get food after fishing, and outside the waffle house there was a one legged bird. Boy did I cry and call him a monster because he wouldn’t let me take it home, keep in mind we have 5 pets already Haha. Definitely one of the biggest cravings I had was clam chowder, (Still yet to get some!) and my dad and me researched, it’s totally safe, so me and my dad plan on making some from scratch soon!

What are you most excited about for the baby’s arrival?

Being able to FINALLY hold him in my arms and sing to him, instead of sing to my belly. 

What are you most nervous about for the baby’s arrival?

The animals reactions when he’s brought home! Most definitely, and the NICU stay for us. 



B&W maternity portraits on a dock as photographed by Ashley Gregoire Photography in Biloxi, MS



Who’s more: (answer – mommy or daddy or sibling)

Excitedmommy (duh) 

Nervous I would have to say equal amongst both of us. 

Impatientdefinitely me and daddy but it changes daily 

Preparedmommy! or his Nana and PawPaw 



B&W maternity portraits on a dock as photographed by Ashley Gregoire Photography in Biloxi, MS



What would you like to add/share with family and friends about this special time you carry your sweet baby in your belly and await his/her arrival?

Ashton is certainly a special little boy with so much love and support behind him from friends, family, and even strangers. while pregnant I had the CMV virus reactivate in my body, causing our Ashton to obtain it. which is really bad for a fetus. CMV is the same virus that causes cold sores and Mono, but affects fetuses much different than a child or adult. Resulting in hearing loss, deafness, possible developmental delays, organ functions, and so much more. But, through everything, he’s doing okay and I have everyone’s support and love to help us through it all, even with the knowledge of a lengthy NICU stay when he’s born, everyone including us remains strong. 







By the way… in case you’re wondering, there are color images of this session; but, I love it in B&W so much more 🙂




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