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Baby Bridget

Ashley Gregoire

June 28, 2020

Q&As with the mommy, Alyssa:

What is your little one’s name?


How old is she?

3 months

When is her birthday?  


Briefly describe her personality.              

Bridget is very thoughtful. She loves to watch what is going on around her. She is just starting to get more playful and enjoys noises and tickles.

What milestones has she met and when were these milestones met?   

Up on forearms during tummy time, hands to mouth, head control, and starting to “talk”

What is her favorite food?         

Mama milk

What is her favorite activity or thing to do?       

Snuggle mama, watch her sisters

Who is her favorite person?      


Does she have a favorite stuffed animal, toy, blanket, etc.? 

She enjoys her aquarium tummy time mat.

If you were to describe her in ONE word, what would that one word be?            


List 3 fun facts about her that you haven’t already mentioned.

Bridget is the third girl and already has everyone wrapped around her bitty fingers. She loves having story time with her big sisters, she loves bath time, and she absolutely loves being outside!

If you are a writer or sharer, feel free to add anything you’d like to share with family and friends about your little one.      

A lot of our family and friends know that Bridget is our rainbow baby. She wakes up with the biggest, sweetest grins on her face – starting each day by reminding us just how blessed we are! All I have to do is say “She’s smiling” and her big sisters come running to get theirs. She loves to “hug” and snuggle Mommy and to be right in the mix of whatever her sisters are up to. When Daddy comes home she lights up again! We are loving watching her personality start to take root and can’t wait to see what God has in store for our sweet girl!

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